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sTellar (High gloss film for Laminated Metal)

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sTellar (High gloss film for Laminated Metal)

Stellar is flexible PET/PVC alloy sheet designed for home appliances housings. Now its applications is expanding in construction and mass transit interior use as well.


  • real stainless looking, solid, sparkle and custom colors
  • available in polished or matte and dark or bright
  • meet the standard of RoHS directive
  • contamination resistant
  • no fingerprint and liquid stains remains
  • resistant to scratch and abrasion

│Suggested Application│

  • home appliances
  • construction component
  • mass transit interior
  • miscellaneous Applications



│Physical Properties│

Test Method
Tensile strength
120mm(L) x 10mm(W) x 200mm/min
L65 W60
120mm(L) x 10mm(W) x 200mm/min
L51 W45
Tear Strength
120mm(L) x 20mm(W) x 200mm/min
L19 W17
Percentage of Contraction
100C˚ x 10min Heating
L0.04 W0.04
25mm x 20mm 50min/min(180˚C/356˚F)
Heat Resistance
180˚C/356˚F x 5min Heating
No change
Water Boiling Point Resistance
38˚C/208˚F x 1hr Heating x 1hr Leveling
No peel
Acid Resistance
Deposit 5% CH3COOH x 72hr
No change
Alkali Resistance
Deposit 5% NaOH x 72hr
Ni change
Surface Hardness
Mistubishi Pencil Test (200g load)
W-O-M 100hr
No change
Ultraviolet Resistance
QUV 24hr
No change
Erichsen Test
After Cross Cutting Distance 5mm, Push 8mm
No Peel
Salt spray Resistance
After Cross Cutting 5% NaCI x 240hr
1mm Creep